Who, me?

So I’m currently studying a for a masters in cognitive neuroscience in the Netherlands, still trying to travel as much as I can and find some adventures..

What l’ve done with my life so far?

Was traveling the world for two years to recuperate from my freedom fighting days in Israel. Now I’m back to studying.

Very typical position for me :)

Very typical position for me šŸ™‚

Before that I was a crime sceneĀ investigatorĀ for the Police for two years (think Dexter but with a lot less interesting cases, me not killing anyone, and Shawarma instead ofĀ donuts)

Before that I somehow managed to finish a degree in Physics (Thank you all my smartĀ friends!)

Throughout all this time I’ve beenĀ organizingĀ strange events (like a real life clue game) Ā and parties that later became strangeĀ demonstrationsĀ and social parades (like the Slutwalk in Jerusalem!)
I’ve also been PracticingĀ and teaching Karate, doing some climbing and Contact improvisation dancing, writing aboutĀ anthropological experiences (in hebrew)Ā  Hosting some couch surfers… I’m pretty good with filling my time šŸ™‚



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