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Practicing on my teacher

Practicing on my teacher in Thailand

Hi, my name is Sarah Hashkes, combining knowledge from my neuroscience studies and years of training in martial arts, dance and massage my aim is to explore and develop methods to enable people to reach higher levels of embodiment. I’ll try to explain my perspective, hope you will find it useful.

Our brain builds a model of our environment based on statistical regularities from our senses. The only reason it can build such a complex model is because it has the ability to manipulate its own input. We close our eyes and the world disappears, we turn our head and the whole scenery changes, we can stand up and move our self through space, we can reach out and touch our surrounding and manipulate tools to become an extension of our body. 

Certified Thai masseuse

Certified Thai masseuse

The more we play with these parameters the more our brain learns and evolves and thrives. Without this body we do not have any access to the world yet many of us mostly sit in chairs all day ignoring that fact as our body slowly begins to atrophy. Some of us do turn to exercise, but most regimes focus on building muscles or aerobics. Some go a step further and focus on creating complex movement patterns and/or interacting with others through martial arts or dance. I have trained in many of these activities. I’m a certified Karate and self-defense instructor, long time dancer and climber and I’ve realised that what truly interests me is to hack the brain-body link, to play with sensory input, movement, and physical communication to allow for a rapid learning of motor skills, reduction of pain, increase in sensuality, pleasure and growth in other domains of life.


How do I do that?


Certified Karate and self defense instructor

Well, first we meet, I come with my bag of tools and you come with yours. Mine include Classical Thai massage, many specific exercises I’ve learnt and developed throughout my years of training especially suited for lower back problems, but also development of core, connectivity and flow in movement. I combine real time visual and sensory feedback and soon enough I hope to combine Virtual Reality programs I’m working on in university.

What do you come with? What is your connection to your body? How can we develop and explore it together?
Every brain-body connection is unique so at its core embodiment training is versatile and adaptive. My goal is to learn from each training session and continue to develop.


Climbing is a great way to increase the possible states of the body


Who is this training suited for?

  • Anyone age 4 and up.
  • I have extensive experience working with kids diagnosed with ADHD or motor coordination problems.
  • I have worked with couples looking to explore their physical communication.
  • Athletes that need a great massage and are interested in a new perspective on their training.
  •  I work with many office workers that sit in front of computers for many hours. Together we come up with ways they can incorporate embodiment training in their daily life.



Body work

Contact improv workshop I  organised in Vietnam

Contact improv workshop I organised in Vietnam

  • Survivors of sextual assult or trauma that can lead to dissociative states. Combining Self-defense and embodiment training to facilitate healing.
  • I’m interested in working with trans or queer people that suffer from Gender dysphoria.
  • I use a sliding scale pricing scheme and am open to bartering and skill exchange so if you are curious just send me a message using the form below.





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